Hope+Wellness Associates offer a broad range of psychotherapy, counseling and integrative wellness services for individuals, couples and families.

We also offer a number of free and fee-based groups and workshops on a rotating basis

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Psychotherapy / counseling serivces

Individual Psychotherapy includes support during the many normal life transitions women and men go through such as entering college, a change in careers, empty next, care for an aging parent etc. Therapy also provides hope and skills for dealing with crisis issues such as grief, loss, divorce, illness and trauma. It often provides recovery from early childhood issues that may be restricting current emotional and cognitive health and inhibiting personal relationships.
Child Counseling uses play therapy and counseling games to help children with life stress and transitions. Positive behavior is encouraged through learning better social skills, anger management and family cooperation. Collateral parenting sessions are often included so the therapist and parents can team together to help their child.
Adolescent Counseling helps teens through transitions such as adjusting to a move, changing schools, divorcing parents or grief and loss. They often face academic stress, self esteem challenges and relationship issues. Counseling provides a place for the teen to receive additional support.
Parental Coaching provides learning skills for more effective parenting. It helps develop a behavioral plan to effectively set limits and encourage positive character growth in your child. Therapy provides support for stressful issues such as a son or daughter with a learning challenge, physical disability, chronic illness, behavioral problems or high risk issues.
Co-Parenting teaches parents who are separated or divorced and want to learn new skills to work with their co-parent to better support their children through the transition. Whether you’re still working out the details of your separation, are 10 years out, or anywhere in between, you will benefit form learning these skills.

Skills learned include developing a behavioral plan to effectively set limits and encourage positive character growth in your child. We provide support for a parent dealing with stressful issues such as a son or daughter with a learning challenge, physical disability, chronic illness, behavioral problems or high risk issues.

Teens at Risk Intervention provides crisis intervention and therapy to at-risk teens engaging in self-harm, eating disorders, cutting or substance abuse. Support and counseling is provided to the teen as well as to their family.
Family Therapy provides help for families of all stages, such as adjusting to a new baby, meeting the challenges of small children, or navigating the season with adolescents. Often families come in to work through issues with adult children. Sometimes a therapist will work with a diad, such as a mother and daughter, or a triad such as three siblings. Often the therapist brings everyone into the room together at the same time.
Life’s challenges can produce stress and conflict in a marriage, but there is hope. Marriage should be a place of joy, growth, support and healing, and an experienced marriage counselor can help you get back on track to wholeness and happiness no matter that the circumstances.
Research shows that couples who prepare for their lives together by attending pre-marriage counseling have a much higher rate of long-term success and fulfillment in married life. We offer standardized pre-marriage assessment evaluations (including FOCCUS and others) as a pre-cursor to pre-marriage counseling services where we work through any issues which come out of the assessment.
When it comes to treating depression or anxiety, research shows that therapy is usually the most effective option for long term relief. Psychotherapy, unlike medication, treats more than just the symptoms of the problem. Therapy can help you uncover the underlying causes and help you develop better coping skills for a more fulfilling life.
A separation or divorce can be one of the most painful experiences a person can through. We understand the feelings and challenges associated with this difficult transition, and have a lot of experience helping people work through the healing and recovery process so they can move on with their lives.
Treatment for Eating Disorders involves having an experienced therapist come alongside and help you let go of unhealthy eating patterns. A therapist can help understand why you are trapped in this cycle and give you concrete tools to lead to freedom and living a healthy life. We also provide referrals, working closely with other professionals as necessary to provide a well-rounded strategy for success.
Support, Reduction or Cessation of Pharmaceutical Therapy involves collaboration with Psychiatrists or other medical doctors to provide medication management and getting a medication evaluation when necessary. Support is also available when you are ready to cut back or wean off a prescribed medication.
Successfully overcoming an addiction requires the support and help of others. Having a trained therapist who understands the stages of recovery is crucial to becoming well. A therapist can help a client realize a life free from addiction and help them discover new purpose, enjoyment and fulfillment.
Christian Spiritual Counseling acknowledges that we are multi-faceted beings with physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual needs, and that when we trust and draw from one greater than ourselves we find healing, strength, joy and purpose in our lives. Spiritual Counseling is for anyone at any stage of their pilgrimage who is interested in exploring or growing in faith. Hope+Wellness Associates share a common commitment to Christian Spirituality from a variety of traditions, but we welcome and work with Clients from any religious or non-religious background.
Research suggests forgiveness is effective in reducing anger, anxiety, and depression while increasing a sense of hope and self-esteem. Letting go of resentment can lead to greater physical and psychological health. However, forgiving others and yourself is not always easy, so Forgiveness Therapy provides you with the tools and support you need as you move through the process.
Therapy Groups consist of 4 to 10 people who meet weekly or monthly for ongoing support. One-time or multi-session workshops are also provided, usually attended by 10 or more people. Therapy Groups are available for a variety of focus areas and range from free groups to those with a customary psychotherapy fee. Check the Events page of the Hope+Wellness website for availability and be sure to sign up for our newsletter.

integrative wellness services

Improvement of Health Behaviors is about learning how to establish healthy boundaries in your relationships with your family friends and your community. It is also about setting boundaries within your personal life related to eating, drinking, spending and sleeping.
Computers, email, texting, smartphones, tablets, websites, social media, faxing, passwords, file sharing, “smart” everything, personal identity… the list goes on and gets bigger every day. Technology can be a wonderful benefit and enabler to improving your personal and professional life, or it can be a source of a confusion, frustration and inefficiency. A Personal Technology Coach will assess how you are using (or not using) technology today and help you determine what works best for YOU, and how to make the most efficient use of the bewildering variety of options available today.
This Service will be available from Hope+Wellness in the near future.
This Service will be available from Hope+Wellness in the near future.
An overly-busy, stress-filled life can rob your joy, relationships and even your health. Hope+Wellness Nature Connections help promote personal wellness and community through scheduled events including nature walks, educational workshops and other activities. Here in Marin we are blessed to be located in a region featuring some of the most beautiful and accessible nature areas. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed of upcoming events.
Hope+Wellness offers periodic, scheduled events including educational workshops, special-interest groups and other activities designed to promote personal wellness and community.
Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed of upcoming events.