Myles Weiss, MFT

Myles Weiss, MFT

CA MFT license #29891


Myles' focus areas include:

  • Marriage Counseling
  • PTSD, trauma, abuse
  • Substance and sexual addictions

about myles

Myles has been a licensed psychotherapist practicing in Marin County since 1992 helping individuals, couples and families find wholeness both here in the Bay area and overseas.

With his wife Katharine, they have presented a marriage seminar titled “From This Day Forward” in conferences from Hawaii to Russia. He has also counseled leaders in Africa, India and at home.

Myles uses multi-modal therapy, finding the appropriate theoretical orientation for each individual situation including Cognitive Behavioral, Psychodynamic, Solution-Focused and Family Systems therapy.

Myles and Katharine have been married to each other since 1986 and have two adult sons working in Silicon Valley.

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alking Alongside” best describes the therapeutic process. Each of us has need of counsel at different times in our lives. No stigma, no shame. A wise person once said, “Come, let us reason together…” and together we will work on improving your present life and your oulook for the future. We will explore the past only to encourage healing and recovery. We will discover your strengths and potential with a view towards releasing you into your true purpose in life.”