Matthew Holiday

Matthew Holiday

Spiritual Counselor

Matthews's focus areas include:

  • Addition Recovery
  • Grief Counseling
  • Spiritual Counseling

About Matthew

Matthew lives in Petaluma and is a Bay Area native. After completing a bachelor’s degree in communication studies Matthew spent the next two decades mentoring and pastoring young men and women.

He founded a residential therapeutic program in Washington state for troubled men ages 18-25 and worked in partnership with other therapists, coaches, and mentors. Matthew’s experience with men with addiction lead him to a job back in California working with gang intervention specialists and mentors in the Sonoma County Jail and juvenile detention facilities.

Currently Matthew is pastoring a non-denominational church in Novato and works closely with his wife Dawn who is a licensed marriage and family counselor. He is studying pastoral counseling and leadership and will complete his M.A. by spring of 2019.