About Us

Hope+Wellness of Marin is a cooperative, unincorporated Association of experienced and caring professionals who provide hope-focused psychotherapy, counseling and integrative wellness services for the people of Marin County and surrounding areas. Our vision is that all people will find healing, wholeness and purpose in their personal lives, relationships, and communities despite the many obstacles and challenges which we all face.


Our approach is INTEGRATIVE • We believe it is important to acknowledge that we are multifaceted beings with physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual needs, which is why we refer to our services as Integrative.

Our approach is HOPE-FOCUSED • Our professional Associates represent a broad diversity of skills, experience and education, but all share a common commitment to Christian Spirituality. What this means is that we take a Hope-focused approach in all that we do, helping Clients of all backgrounds and traditions, religious or non-religious, overcome even the most challenging problems and circumstances of life. We believe there is always hope for the future and the opportunity for a more fulfilling life.


Hope+Wellness of Marin began in 2014 as a cooperative Association of mental health care and wellness professionals. It was founded by Marin natives and lifelong residents Lori Conroy, LMFT, and her husband Vince Conroy, who serve as the Association’s Clinical and Executive Directors, respectively.


In December of 2014 we moved into our new offices at 200 Tamal Plaza in Corte Madera. In February of 2015 we held our first public open house which was attended by over 70 guests. Our new, updated website, hwmarin.org and the Hope+Wellness Newsletter, were launched in October of 2015.

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Hope+Wellness of Marin is an unincorporated, cooperative Association of mental health care and wellness professionals. Each Associate maintains their own individual private business practice, fee schedules and Client Agreements. We are not engaged in a partnership, joint venture, professional corporation or other form of business entity with each other.


Inspiration for the Hope+Wellness of Marin logo comes from the California bay laurel which is native to Marin and one of our most prolific trees. The umbellularia californica has long been valued for it’s healing properties by Native Americans including the Miwok peoples who inhabited the hills and coastal regions of Marin. The leaves of the laurel were used to make wreaths in ancient Greece where it symbolized strength and victory. Laurel is also the source of the terms baccalaureate and poet laureate. In Christian tradition the laurel is viewed as a symbol of prosperity and blessing and is associated with the resurrection of Christ.

The logo was created by Marin artist Nina Stewart.